Échange (Exchange)/Post(e)

Échange (Exchange)/Post(e) is part of an ongoing series of public and performative art installations exhibited in Sudbury (2014), North Bay (2015),  Dawson City (2016), and Halifax (2017). An examination of the nature of collecting, through the guise of a non-monetary art market, every artwork in the Échange(Exchange)/Post(e) reflects a unique aspect of localized history appropriated from documents and materials found in public archives and libraries in Toronto. The value of each work is based on the individualized relationship between the collector and the image.  Each work can be ‘acquired’ through the exchange of written stories, memories or an expressed interpretation of each piece. As the artworks are acquired, they are replaced with written responses that are collected, catalogued, and archived.

This regionally-specific project questions the way in which artists approach new cities and environs as outsiders or interlopers. Inside the Échange (Exchange)/Post(e), the works available for acquisition often depict individuals, labour, infrastructure, or architecture that are either in transition or no longer exist. These articulations of disappearance or obsolescence, as well as the place of personal narrative and its effect on the work’s value to a collector, are important elements of the project.